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Holistic Health Practitioner

I am passionate about helping people improve their health – physically, emotionally and spiritually. 

I work with people to help: 

•    Anxiety and stress 

•    Emotional 'stuckness'

•    Hormones

•    Gut or digestive issues

•    Energy

•    Autoimmune conditions

•    Pain

•    Trauma

•    Pregnancy

•    Overall health and well-being

“A body is a web, connecting everything with everything else…The body process is not
linear, it is circular; always it is circular. One thing goes awry, and its effects go on and on.”

 Ida Rolf 

Three core principles I work with:

Bio individuality

Everyone is unique, for example, not everyone is designed to eat the exact same diet, follow the same exercise routine or take the same supplements.

We all have different backgrounds, genetics, experiences and upbringings, which then affect show we respond to our environment, stress and what triggers us. 

When we can really get to know ourselves and how we function best, we can begin to regulate our nervous systems and unlock our full potential for health and vitality. 

Whole being

We have to look at the whole person, their background, history, environmental factors, genetics, current situation, stress load etc., and keep this in mind as we work together.  We look for root causes of problems and don’t treat aliments in isolation. This also means being able to see the health present in the individual. As well as treating the energetic blockages.

Somatic integration 

The process of embodied learning -­‐  once we can connect with what we feel, where we feel it, and experience the ways to work with this change -­‐ transformation can occur. We can access and activate the innate healing power within us all. 

Mind, Body, Spirit, Nutrition Food as Medicine, Bodywise Somatics, movement, breath, mindfulness coaching, mind-body medicine, Mindfulness coaching


Holistic Health Practitioner 
Somatic Coach
Rose, Holistic Health Practitioner Gisborne

"My hope is we can develop the ability to connect deeply within ourselves and our inner knowing, finding the capacity to heal on all levels; creating a ripple effect in our families, communities, and the world.  This is what I strive help my clients do."

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Rose, Holistic Health Practitioner and somatics Gisborne NZ

Contact Me

My goal is to create a safe space – to allow access to the innate wisdom of the body to heal and recover.  I aim to use all I have learned and continue to learn in energy healing, breath, touch, embodiment, nutrition and coaching to improve the health, mood, and resilience of those I have the privilege of working with. 

I work in person or via phone/zoom from my home in Gisborne.

Tel: 021 024 14716 

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