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About Rose

My Health Journey 

I’ve been studying and working in holistic and integrated health for the last 12 years. More recently I have been focusing on energy healing and somatic practices to enhance wellbeing and removing blockages in my clients.

As a small child, I suffered tummy issues and persistent ear infections which lead to high antibiotics prescriptions and subsequently eczema which plagued me on and off from a child into my teens and early adulthood.  Alongside this, at times I experienced anxiety, OCD, and constant fatigue. Leaky gut, an underactive thyroid, and autoimmunity are all issues I faced.  I was told that it was genetic and there wasn’t much I could do. 

Through my passion and belief in the body's natural ability to heal itself, I was able to overcome these health issues and am so grateful for the healthy lifestyle and vitality I have  -­‐ not taking it for granted. 

I understand health is a journey and it can take time to heal.  Support is vital in this.  It’s not fun to be tired, anxious or in pain and struggle through life.  This drives me to help people and to continually study and expand my knowledge.  


My Work Experience 

After my formal training, I worked as a practitioner at the BePure clinic in Hawkes Bay.  I was lucky to be the first practitioner employed by Ben Warren and learned a huge amount under his tuition in nutrition and functional medicine.  I left the clinic as a senior practitioner to have my first baby.  

Since moving back to Gisborne I have been working privately from my home practice, Wellrose.  Now with two children, I have recently completed my training in Bodywise -­‐ Somatics with Marg Peck. Learn more about Bodywise Somatics.


Bodywise Somatic Practitioner – Bodywise Marg Peck

Holistic Health Practitioner / Health Coach – Institute for Integrated Nutrition 

Perfect Health Instructor (Ayurveda)– Chopra Center, San Diago  

Reiki 1,2,3 

Accredited Fitgenes Practitioner 

G.E.E.M Practitioner (Gut Ecology and Metabolic Modulation) 

Bachelor of Communications  -­‐ Massey University 

Rose at Wellrose, Holitic Health Clinic

My Approach

My goal is to create a safe and sacred healing/coaching space – to allow my clients to access to the innate wisdom of their body to heal and recover.  


I use all I have learned and continue to learn in nutrition, energy healing, breath, touch, embodiment, awareness, listening, and coaching to improve the health, mood, and resilience of those I have the privilege of working with. 

I am gentle, friendly and have a genuine attitude to life and helping others.

What does a session involve? 

In an initial consultation, I take a thorough health history – each session is unique as it unfolds, depending on the needs of the person/child and how long they have had the issue(s). Some sessions will be focused on nutrition and goal setting while others will be on the table for energy healing and somatic work to regulate the nervous system.   

How long is an appointment?


60 min 


How many appointments will I need?


How many appointments you need will depend on how long you have had the problem, the nature of the problem, your age and your level of interest to improve your health, well-being and performance in life. 


Usually, 3-6 sessions will begin to resolve a problem and give a working plan for the future. 

Schedule an appointment 

 I work in person or via phone/zoom from my home in Gisborne.

My Approach
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